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Approaching the Problem

Learn the step by step breakdown of how to tackle any generic algorithm problem. Learn the tips on edge cases, testing, when to start coding, and more.

Practice Questions with Solutions

Take a look at a few examples from major interviewing categories, and learn how to break them down and solve them for yourself.

Code Style

Learn why you should keep your code far to the left, and how to structure your thinking to do this naturally.

Resume Guidance

How to show off yourself in the best light. What needs to be first on your resume, and how to highlight your impact most succinctly.


The most important datastructures are explained, with when to use them. How to represent a tree, why sets are almost always preferred to lists.

Many other Tips

Lots of small tips only known from those with a ton of interview experience. Trading time for space complexity, multiple iterations over inputs, and what the interviewer is actually thinking and evaluating you for.

Get the Book

Get the ebook for $29. Type your gmail address. The doc will be shared immediately with you. The ebook is a google doc, so ensure the email address is gmail. If you have any problems with billing, please email me personally at the address below.